Application process

  • If you applied to a charter school(s) on or before February 8th, you will be included in that school(s) lottery. Charter schools will run lotteries between March 4-13th for applications for the 2019-20 school year. Schools will notify applicants if they received an offer or if they are on the wait list on March 14th. 

  • In the event you receive offers from multiple schools, you may only accept one. Once you accept an offer, all other charter school offers will be cancelled. Before accepting an offer, be sure that you are choosing the school you believe is the best option for your child. Though accepting an offer cancels all other offers, it does NOT cancel your place on any waitlists.

  • If you also applied to an OUSD school, accepting a charter school offer will not decline your OUSD offer. Contact OUSD separately to accept or decline your OUSD offer. Visit for more information.


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SUbMIT AN applicatioN

Submit an application for the 2019-20 school year!
When you apply you will be placed on a waiting list at each of your selected schools, and/or offered enrollment if space is available.