About AIMS

“Our mission at AIMS is to cultivate a community of diverse learners who achieve academic excellence. Our commitment to high expectations is attendance, academic achievement, and character development results in our students being prepared for lifelong success.”

School District Name
Year Founded
School Colors

1996 (Oakland, CA)
Golden Eagles
Red, Athletic Gold, and Royal Blue

Aims Credo


The Family
The Goal
The Faith
The Journey

We are a family at AIMS K-12.
We are always working for academic and social excellence.
We will prosper by focusing and working toward our goals.
We will go forward, continue working, and remember we will always be a part of the AIMS K-12 family.

AIMS Values


Wisdom and Knowledge
Family and Community

Commitment to excellence in all that we do.
Pursuit of wisdom and knowledge as intrinsically valuable.
Recognition of dignity and worth of every human being.
Building of family and community.
Social awareness and justice that leads to action.
The continued preservation and development of AIMS methodologies for 21st century learners and educators.