Middle School

School Construction / New School Start Date / Math Camp Cancellation

TO: AIMS Families
FR: Maurice Williams, Head of Schools, AIMS 6-8
DA: July 2, 2019
RE: School Construction / New School Start Date / Math Camp Cancellation 

Dear AIMS 6-8 Community,

We have some exciting news!

The AIMS 12th Street Campus is currently undergoing much-needed upgrades and repairs to its facilities:

  • We are replacing all carpet and first-floor tiles with modern vinyl flooring throughout the building

  • Adding additional classrooms and office spaces to accommodate the return of our K-1 students

  • Replacing all classroom and common area furniture with consistent, state of the art furniture

  • Adding additional bathroom stalls and much more!

1.  Due to the campus construction, our first day of school has been pushed back to August 28, 2019.  This new opening date extends to all K-12 campuses. If you have children in other AIMS schools, the Heads of School from each Division will reach out to you directly.  Additional information regarding parent and student orientation will be sent out in the coming weeks.  

2.  Additionally, due to summer construction, the middle school will not be able to offer Math Camp to students this summer.  AIMS K-5 will relocate its Math Camp to High School.

3.  While Math Camp is an integral part of AIMS programming, we strongly encourage all Middle School students to work on their summer Math Packets.  If your students do not have a math packet, please stop by the 12th Street Campus at your earliest to pick one up.  

We are confident that the upgrades to our campus will help improve the quality of our school and increase the overall well being of our students.  Thank you for choosing AIMS as your first choice in obtaining a quality education for your children.  


Maurice Williams

Head of Schools

AIMS 6-8