“I am delighted to share with you a little about my vision for AIMS, and I am very pleased that you have chosen to join me on this journey.”

My experience includes sixteen years of PK-12 leadership and seven years of experience as an elementary school teacher. In addition to my K-12 experience, I taught Curriculum and Instruction at the graduate level for five years. My educational pedigree consists of a leadership certification from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, a Masters of Education from UC Berkeley, a Superintendent Certificate from the Association of California Schools Administrators, an Administrator Credential, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University at Hayward (East Bay). Moreover, I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in the field of Transformational Leadership and am completing a dissertation on the transference of organizational knowledge for succession planning.

I am a multi-generational Oakland native who attended both parochial and public schools in Oakland. My favorite identity is that of a mother. In addition to my wonderful 1200 plus children at AIMS, I am the proud parent of two wonderful young women, both of whom were once AIPCS students. The lesson that I teach all of my children, is that service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time ( Marian Wright Edelman). This is statement describes my life. As a child, I served with my parents in Operation Reach, a Black Panther connected food and health program in West Oakland. while doing this work, my parents made me say repeatedly, “Everyone needs love”. In repeating this I was reminded that it is my duty to work hard for the love of humanity. The work that I have done here at AIMS has not always been easy, but I wake up every morning knowing that AIMS makes a positive difference in the lives of children.


My vision for AIMS is that financially, academically, and aesthetically we rival the best international educational organizations.  In my vision, AIMS is financially independent and provides free education for the traditionally underserved students of California. This free education will allow these students to access an elite quality of living that will end generational poverty.

Together our AIMS family can make the world a better place. I look forward to engaging with you in our successful work.

Superintendent Maya Woods-Cadiz