AIMS Middle School (6-8)

Welcome message from Head of Middle School

On behalf of the middle school community of teachers and staff, I would like to officially welcome you and your child back to AIMS 6-8 for the 2018-2019 school year!  

Our theme for this year, Back to Basics, is a singular mission that seeks to rededicate and strengthen the AIMS brand by emphasizing the basic tenets of our AIMS Model: Academic Rigor and Support; Structures and Order; Innovation and Excellence; and Family and Community.  In order to achieve these goals, my staff and I have worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure that our students, families, and teachers have the tools to be prepared for success.

Below is just a snapshot of some of the new and exciting offerings that are taking place at the middle school this year:

Violin or Art Classes for all Students:  Thanks in large part to parent and student feedback from surveys and community engagement efforts, beginning this year, we are excited to announce that all Middle School students will take either Art or Violin classes for two hours per week.  

High School Credit for Mandarin and Spanish Classes: Beginning this year, all 7th and 8th grade students will earn high school credit for taking Mandarin or Spanish classes.   To assist with this process, we have purchased new textbooks for Mandarin and Spanish classes.

New History Textbooks / Curriculum:  Consistently rated as one of the top History/Social Science curriculums in the nation, we are pleased to offer new History Alive!Textbooks and curriculum this year.

Free PE Uniforms for your Child: To help provide your child with better quality Physical Education, we are supplying your child with two PE dress shirts, a pair of PE shorts and sweatpants, and a PE cinch bag to dress for PE.

New Sports Programs:  In our third year of athletic programming at AIMS 6-8, we are pleased to offer 6 sports, including this year’s addition of Boys and Girls Basketball.

Teacher Supplies:  As AIMS remains committed to staffing highly qualified and supportive teachers, AIMS leadership believes that no teacher should be negatively impacted by failing to have the necessary tools to succeed in the classroom.  For these reasons, all Middle School teachers were provided with an entire year’s worth of essential teacher supplies prior to the start of the school year.

Considering these new changes, I ask for your support in the following ways:

1) Ensure daily and on-time attendance of your child; 2) Help your child adhere to all policies regarding structure and order, including dress code and behavior; 3) Work with your teacher to support your child’s learning, including monitoring the completion of daily homework and assignments.  

In exchange, my team and I will provide you with an educational environment that is safe, orderly, and challenging.  Our AIMS 6-8 family will work collectively to meet your child’s individual needs by structuring a curriculum that meets and exceeds the educational objectives for your child.  Maintaining regular and ongoing communication with families is paramount to achieving these objectives.

Lastly, in recent months, there has been criticism and political attacks on the concept of charter schools.     No matter the intent or motivation, we do not want to create division – which would disrupt the learning environment for our children.  Rather, we want to offer school choice and provide a high-quality educational opportunity to traditionally underserved communities.

In the coming weeks, I will reach out to you personally to solicit your help in ensuring that high quality charter schools like AIMS continue to exist.  Make no mistake – AIMS is a force for good. Our test scores and academic results rank consistently among the highest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether by volunteering in your child’s class, sharing positive news, or connecting students to internship opportunities, we all have a collective responsibility to ensure the continued success of AIMS students.

As a former AIMS teacher, I am honored to begin my third year of administration and my sixth year of service at AIMS.  I have always believed that AIMS is great school with a huge potential to improve the lives of our students through quality education. Each year, I have seen AIMS expand its academic and extracurricular programing and create greater school pride through each of its new offerings.  

Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to serve and advocate for our students.  We are stronger together, and together, we are AIMSTRONG.


Head of Middle School